Mikrouna(China)Co., Ltd
   German Brand:”Mikrouna” is a German brand created through adhering to German Business philosophies and German law.

    Manufacturer’s Standard: Manufacturing Strictly According to German Standard

    Company Culture: ”Achieving social goals through advancing technology.”

    Main Products: Super Purified Glove Box, Glove Box for Nuclear Field, Special Lighting Production lines, Lithium Battery/Super Capacitor Automatic Production Line, Internet of Things Glove Box System, Separate Gas Purification System, Glove Box Integrated Evaporator. At present, These products have been exported to Europe, America, Asia and so on.

Tianjin Brillante Technology Limited
   Tianjin Brillante Technology Limited Agency forvarious imported electrochemical instruments, the main potentiostat(the Netherlands, IVIUM), high-temperature sample holder(Norway, NorESc), quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), surface plasmonresonance instrument (SPR), fuel cell test equipment, rotating disk electrodes, which are intended to provide the most scientific and rational choice and the best quality of service assured. 
My company was established in 2010, head office located in tianjin, and has set up offices in Guangzhou, Company members all have chemical background, can provide customers with pre-sale consultation and after-sale technical support, equipment sales, maintenance and training of a full range of services, technical solution can be customized according to customer's requirements, popularize advanced technology.
    The IVIUM electrochemical workstation of the Netherlands, with its advanced technology, stable performance, in the same industry has the broadest range of products, the fastest software update speed, the most effective technical feedback, as my company's main products. We have lots of Customers of the national institute on colleges and universities, the high and new technology enterprise, has established the good word of mouth effect.

German company ZAHNER-elektrik
   For more than 35 years, the German company ZAHNER-elektrik is developing and manufacturing innovative high-precision instruments such as electrochemical workstations, potentiostats, and galvanostats for all kinds of electrochemical applications. Throughout these years Zahner instruments have developed to be the first choice for laboratory equipment in many areas of university and industry research. Our multi-disciplinary team of developers is always in contact with users and at the same time at the front line of technology. All Zahner instruments are completely "Made in Germany". We are attaching great importance to precise manufacturing, thorough testing and accurate calibration of all instruments before they are leaving our factory.

    ZAHNER instruments are highly esteemed for their high flexibility, reliability, and performance. Furthermore, with its experienced specialists, ZAHNER is known to provide an exemplary service before and after sale, an individual, application-specific consultation, and - above all - practical support for setting up an experiment.

Beijing Glory Leader Technology Co., Ltd
   Beijing Glory Leader Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2010. As an agent of RIGAKU, Anasys, Anton Paar, and the United States International Diffraction Data Center (ICDD), it specializes in foreign precision analytical instruments in the domestic promotion, sales, providing users with application solutions. The company's user groups cover domestic universities, research institutions, petrochemical, metallurgical, quality inspection and other materials analysis and life science applications.
  Companies adhering to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, in-depth understanding of customer needs, provide the most suitable products and a full set of experimental solutions for customers. In addition, we have developed the VIP system:to have a regularly return visit to the customers;to face all kinds of problems from customers and help to contact manufacturers to provide the maintenance service. Our goal is not only to provide you good instruments, but also excellent using experience! We hope to become your most trusted friends through our efforts.

CT3001A/CT3001D-fast sampling
Product Features: 
1. It is designed for testing of Super-capacitor battery.
2. Modular design,you can select 1~8 independent channels to form a testing system. 
3. Each channel can be arbitrarily set as constant current charge and discharge mode,constant voltage charge mode, constant power and resistance discharge mode, the DC resistance test mode, rest mode,etc.
4. Each channel can test batteries on different models ,and it can carry out completely   independent work in different modes without interaction.
5. It has perfect multi-level protections of software and hardware.
6. It has separated hardware constant current source and constant voltage source.
7. Support the power-off protection.
8. Support line correction of current and voltage accuracy.user can calibration while test .

Eminex Mechanical & Electrical Equipment (Tianjin) Co.,Ld
   As an outstanding supplier of global glove box, vacuum and thermal products, we are a vibrant and fast growing company with high reputation in the field of service.
Our goal: continuously develop advanced technology
    Transform our-self form industry participant into industry  leader With extraordinary technology creativity,our company will thrive on studying leading times science and technology, meet the needs the society, provide the solutions of the technology and equipment, realize the breakthrough of the present technology and promote the development of the future technology.Eminex is your better and most reliable partner!

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